Dear Mishu: Advice Columnist

The Problem:

Every Day is a Gift – Wise advice, but how can we apply it to live happy lives when our modern lives leave us overwhelmed with stress, leading to anxiety and a lack of confidence?

The Solution:

Dear Mishu – Because Everyday is a Gift

Dear Mishu's Code: Every Day is a Gift, Go for What You Want, Focus on the Now, Stop Worrying, Be Yourself

Words to live by, according to Dear Mishu



Real Name:   Mishu

Job:  Advice Columnist

Weight: 48 pounds

Powers:  Superior Survival Skills, Genius-level Wisdom, Enhanced Charm

Abilities: Generates stress relief and happiness

Mission:   To use her Code to Teach Humans to Fight Stress and Live Happy Lives

Origin Story:   Mishu was born on the streets of Guatemala. She spent months fending for herself. There, she learned to depend on herself and her instincts for survival. Once she was rescued, Mishu activated her charm and was adopted by the family that she chose. Out of this background, Mishu developed her Code: Every Day is a Gift; Go For What You Want; Focus on the Now; Stop Worrying; Be Yourself

Location:   Mishu’s advice column can be found on Instagram , TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.   In 2013, four-month old Mishu moved from Guatemala to the San Francisco Bay area in northern California, where she was adopted.

Mishu’s favorite things about California were: her neighborhood friends (Misty the Taiwan dog, Yuzu the Japanese Golden Retriever, and Kaya the American Goldendoodle); the dog beach in Carmel (which allows off-leash play); and the In-N-Out Burger doggy patty (her once-a-year birthday treat).

In 2016, Mishu drove cross country with her family and moved to Durham, North Carolina, USA – otherwise known as the Bull City.

Mishu's favorite thing about Durham, NC is that the city mascot is a bull. Click To Tweet
Bull from Durham Bulls stadium: Hit bull win steak, Hit grass win salad

Durham, North Carolina city mascott

Mishu’s favorite things about North Carolina are the mountains and trails for walking, sniffing, and exploring.

When she’s not working to solve humanity’s problems, Mishu enjoys walks, being off-leash, chasing squirrels, sun baths, and cuddling.


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  1. Dear mishu, how did I not realize you are in NC? Your fur parent and my fur parent need a play date. Huskies and Germans are the best play mates ever! 🐾🐾

    • That’s so cool that you’re in NC too, Kelley — how far are you from Durham?

  2. You have lived an exciting life, Mishu. You are definitely wise beyond your years. ♥

  3. Mishu seems very wise and has some good advice!

  4. That is some good advice! It is easy to get bogged down and stressed out, but that never helps anything.

  5. Nice to met you MIshu! Hope to see you on Twitter!

  6. We had no idea you lived in the other Carolina! MOL!

  7. We so agree with Mishu. We’d love to do a feature on Mishu (we just did a video on what we can learn from dogs to be better people). It’s amazing how forgiving dogs are- they inspire us every day #rescuesrock

  8. It sounds like you have had quite the amazing life, Mishu! I’m glad that you are helping other people to overcome their problems. We could all use a dog like you in today’s crazy world!

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