Chewy Salmon Oil is soooo good for me! #sponsored

This Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil by American Journey is soooo good for me, and delicious. I’m not always a big eater, but add a little salmon oil on top of my food and I eat my whole bowl!  #DearMishu  #ChewyInfluencer #sponsored

The Inside Story

This Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil by American Journey is a dream come true for Mishu. She waits every morning to see if her human is going to open a can of sardines and pour the  oil over her food. That doesn’t happen every day, but with this new nutritional supplement, she can get a bit of oil on her food anyway.

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Mishu eats mostly dry food, so this addition is great for her digestion, for her coat, her joints, and her appetite. An all around win – thanks for the great Chewy Salmon Oil!

Mishu also received some dental chews from Chewy this month, but she didn’t really like them. We think she was not a fan of the mint flavor, because she’s had this brand before in meat flavor and she was happy to eat them.

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