Chewy Salmon Oil is soooo good for me! #sponsored

This Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil by American Journey is soooo good for me, and delicious. I’m not always a big eater, but add a little salmon oil on top of my food and I eat my whole bowl!  #DearMishu  #ChewyInfluencer #sponsored

The Inside Story

This Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil by American Journey is a dream come true for Mishu. She waits every morning to see if her human is going to open a can of sardines and pour the  oil over her food. That doesn’t happen every day, but with this new nutritional supplement, she can get a bit of oil on her food anyway.

Mishu eats mostly dry food, so this addition is great for her digestion, for her coat, her joints, and her appetite. An all around win – thanks for the great Chewy Salmon Oil!

Mishu also received some dental chews from Chewy this month, but she didn’t really like them. We think she was not a fan of the mint flavor, because she’s had this brand before in meat flavor and she was happy to eat them.

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