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How do I choose between two careers? Jordan asks, Mishu answers


Dear Jordan,
Figure out which one you’re willing to struggle to do well in  – that is the one you really want. Once you know, go for it without looking back!  (My career is squirrel catching, and oh do I struggle. But it’s totally worth it)

 The Inside Story on Career

Choosing a career can be difficult for some people, especially if you have more than one interest.

One thing to keep in mind is that success in your career – any career – requires a lot of hard work. And you’ll probably have failures along the way.  You will likely need to struggle and try and fail for a while before you find success.

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Because if you’re not willing to struggle for it, you probably won’t stick it out through all of the ups and downs that will inevitably happen before you see career success.

That means that the career you choose should be one that is intrinsically rewarding to you. One that you will enjoy or find inspiration in even if you don’t make a lot of money or get a lot of recognition.

Because the truth is, you may not ever be “successful” if you consider fame and/or fortune a measure of success. So you better make sure you enjoy your chosen career in and of itself.

And if that type of success IS your goal, you should know that people only reach that after a lot of struggle. So if you’re not willing to struggle for “success” (however you define it), you may be making the wrong career choice.

How does this relate to Mishu? Well, I think there’s a certain attitude of expecting life to be easy or thinking that we’re not happy unless it is that is characteristic of people but not dogs. Recognizing that hardships and struggle are a part of life is a step to becoming more Mishu-like.
And then there’s Mishu’s quest to catch a squirrel. It clearly means a lot to her, and she is willing to keep trying, and keep struggling, in the hope that she might one day succeed.

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