I get bored 3 months after starting a new job. What should I do? Dylan asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu

I get bored 3 months after starting a new job. What should I do? Dylan asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu

Dear Dylan: Life is amazing and there is so much to see & do, so I get it. Most days my walk is on the same boring route. I just try to find pleasure in the routine and excitement in the small things (squirrels!). And then sometimes, I get to go to new exciting places and then I go  crazy and fill up my need for adventure for a while. Lv/Mishu


The Inside Story

The truth is, Mishu doesn’t always get exciting walks. Most days, it’s one of the same 3 routes around the neighborhood. Since a walk is supposed to be the highlight of a dog’s day, we think that is pretty comparable to being bored at work.

Let’s face it, a new job is always exciting (and sometimes stressful). But once you get used to the work, boredom can set in. Especially for people who are high energy and crave constant excitement.

So what can you do about being bored at work if you’re an adventurer who gets excited by the new and the different?

Well, for one, try to find pleasure in the routine. Have a favorite snack you eat at a certain time daily. Plan a routine for your lunch hour. A morning routine for getting ready for work.

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Next, try to find the excitement in the routine. Mishu’s always on the lookout for her favorite excitement – squirrels. On her walks, she’s scanning the trees and the ground for something, anything, to spice things up.

You can do the same — look for new projects and take initiative. Learning and trying something new will definitely fulfill your need for excitement.

Last, plan those outside work adventures. You’ve got two days every weekend — make the most of them by planning hikes, mountain climbing, travel, new friends, new restaurants, or whatever makes you feel great. And don’t fall into the trap of just working and going home — even if you’re tired, when you try something new outside of work, you’ll definitely feel less bored at work!

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  1. Every so often we switch up our walking routine. We take a little extra time for Edie to smell new smells, we meet new people along the way and sometimes we even make new friends! As the saying goes: A change can be just as good as a rest.

  2. Nice response, and we agree routine can be a blessing as it brings stability and relaxation! Either that or you can be a jet pilot – right?

  3. We kitties think that work is boring all the time! We’d rather nap and play! 😀 Good advice though, especially about finding excitement in the small things

  4. Great perspective – it’s like finding the joy in the ordinary and making it extraordinary!

  5. I think we need both! We have the hikes that bring a lot of flavour but then we also have our little morning walk that starts the day …

  6. Kilo loves routine and HATES going beyond his territory. He relishes the safe borders and familiarity- maybe from being a rescue in 4 homes in his 2 years before us who had a few bad experiences with big dogs and a big man we think. He thoroughly enjoys the pee-mail in his block but turns into a shaking wreck at the park or anywhere new except by the waterfront which for some reason he loves, especially if my husband is with us.

  7. Those are great suggestions! Sometimes all a person needs is a little different perspective!

  8. I have the challenge of keeping my life interesting once I retire at the end of this month.

  9. Routine does get old. We definitely struggle with this around our house. Ruby doesn’t seem to mind the routine – in fact, I think she kind of likes it. She definitely appreciates the ordinary moments in life.

  10. We have a lot of parks around us so we switch it up to make it interesting.

  11. We try to do a different route every morning as it is good for both of us, and there are some days we even end up in the dog park for a little bit, I think changing routes is healthy and Layla loves it

  12. You know it’s really funny -we do a lot of activities with our dogs – nosework, swimming and weekend advetures. However, I KNOW 100% that my dogs are creatures of their routines. They love their routines and even the same neighborhood walk is never boring. All those awesome smells! So while they love traveling for nosework – I’m confident that they don’t feel like every day is “ground hog” day…

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