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If you are looking for an original, loved, and trusted voice to connect your brand to animal lovers and advice seekers, Dear Mishu is the account for you. With 30K followers on Instagram and over 33K on Twitter and a high level of engagement, Dear Mishu can provide value and brand awareness for your business.

Words of Wisdom from Dear Mishu's "Dad"...
Words of Wisdom from Dear Mishu’s “Dad”

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DearMishu No. 5 is the world Advice Columnist

About Dear Mishu:

Dear Mishu is an Advice Column on social media. Mishu is a character — based on a real dog — who provides inspiration and advice to: humans about dogs, to dogs about humans, and to humans about friendship, dating, career, living in the moment and being true to yourself.

Read what 75 of Dear Mishu’s followers said when asked to describe her in 3 words (most frequent: wise, caring, thoughtful, funny, intelligent, honest and witty).


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Selected Posts:

Not just for dog products: Because Dear Mishu is widely read as a source of advice for humans, the account comfortably promotes non-pet related brands and products.

A study by Twitter reveals that consumers rely on #influencers almost as much as their friends...40 percent of consumers have said that they’ve made a purchase based on an influencer’s tweet! #DearMishu Click To Tweet


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Tip:  The most effective way for Dear Mishu to support your marketing goals is to promote your brand and your story across a series of posts. An ongoing relationship lends authenticity and credibility.

Dear Mishu ranks at the top of the several hashtags
Dear Mishu ranks at the top of hashtags, such as #NowIsNow

Disclaimer: Dear Mishu only represents brands she loves and reserves the right of refusal.

Dear Mishu is a micro-influencer and advice columnist - an authentic voice whose followers describe her as wise, caring, thoughtful, funny, intelligent, honest and witty #DearMishuClick To Tweet
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