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If you are looking for an authentic, loved, and trusted voice to connect your brand to animal lovers and millennials, Dear Mishu is the account for you. With over 30K followers on Instagram and 32K on Twitter and a high level of engagement, Dear Mishu can provide value and brand awareness for your brand.

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About Dear Mishu:
Dear Mishu is an Advice Columnist. She’s a character — based on a dog — who provides inspiration and advice to: humans about dogs, to dogs about humans, and to humans about friendship, dating, career, and living in the moment and being true to yourself. 

Read how 75 of Dear Mishu’s followers describe her in 3 words (most frequent: wise, caring, thoughtful, funny, intelligent, honest and witty). 

Dear Mishu Influencer Services:

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When you choose to work with Dear Mishu:

  • We will create digital content (text, images) to share your brand with Dear Mishu’s followers
  • We will share this content on our blog and on all of Dear Mishu’s social media account
  • You will be entitled to re-use the digital content we create in your own marketing
  • We will sign an Influencer Contract with you to clearly define the relationship

Follower Profile – March 2018

Instagram  @dearmishu
k followers; 79% female 21% male;

18-24    38%;
25-34    31%
34-44    14%
Top 9 follower locations all in US or UK

Twitter @dearmishudear
32k followers;  58% female 42% male;
18-24   36%
25-24   18%
34-44   19%
44-54    16%
Top 10 follower locations all in US or UK

Dear Mishu’s followers are:

  • pet owners
  • dog lovers
  • outdoor enthusiasts
  • young adults (millennials)
  • travelers
  • spiritual seekers
  • people who are looking for simplicity, inspiration, and a practical guide to life

Examples of brands we have worked with recently:

  1. Food subscription – NomNomNow (eg https://dearmishu.com/nomnomnow-dog-food-review-ad and https://instagram.com/p/BXBp8IpHOvC)
  2. Promoting freedom to Millennials – CreativeAllies (eg https://instagram.com/p/BYvxXvjnX8v)
  3. Grooming – Ransom retail (eg https://instagram.com/p/BTSbI5xD1UC)
  4. Dog food – Chewy /PetSmart (eg https://instagram.com/p/BT9a2yZD0mh)
  5. H&M (eg https://instagram.com/p/BTcOrq1jexj)
  6. Coffee video promo… http://bit.ly/DearMishuCoffee

Looking forward to working with you.

DearMishu Influencer Services:

Dear Mishu is a micro-influencer and advice columnist - an authentic voice whose followers describe her as wise, caring, thoughtful, funny, intelligent, honest and wittyClick To Tweet

Dear Mishu, Advice Columnist




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