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What is Love? Alex asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu #Happy

Dear Alex, Love is making someone happy.  Love is when someone makes you happy.  Happy Valentines Day!!
The Inside Story
Mishu’s response to “What is Love?”

Mishu’s response to Alex’s question was as simple as can possibly be: Love is making each other happy.

How did Mishu teach us this?  Mishu definitely makes her family members feel loved, and we can learn a lot about love from observing her behavior.

Some of the things she does to show love are: she greets her family members and friends at the door with enthusiasm and she waits to go to bed until everyone is at home and in bed. Another thing she does, which is amazing, is that whenever a family member is sick or depressed, Mishu comes and sits nearby them.

Now Mishu may be wise, but she’s still a dog.

Meaning that she does not necessarily have a lot of sophistication or intelligence, by human standards.

You don't need intelligence or sophistication to show love. Click To Tweet

What Mishu’s behaviors do require is paying attention. Mishu notices her family members, pays attention to their habits, their moods, and their needs, and what makes them happy – and she fulfills them in her own way.

Love the Way You Know How, and Make People Happy

That Mishu loves in her own way is key.

She doesn’t show her love like a person does or the way anyone else defines love.

But she manages to make her people feel loved and happy. And you know what? Giving that love, and making her people happy, makes Mishu happy in the simplest, most pure way. By observing Mishu’s behavior, we can conclude that:

Love is when you care about someone's happiness enough to find out what makes them feel loved Click To Tweet

That kind of pure love will always make someone happy, even if they’re also struggling with other issues such as stress, anxiety or depression.

Because it is a love that really sees you as a human being – or where you really see someone else.

And though she doesn’t ask for anything in return, Mishu’s overwhelming love brings her the undying love, affection, and appreciation of her people, and ultimately – makes her happy.

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