What is Love? Alex asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu #Happy

What is Love? Alex asks, Mishu answers. #DearMishu #Happy

Dear Alex, #Love is making someone happy. Love is when someone makes you happy. Happy #Valentines Day!!! #valentineday

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Dear Alex, Love is making someone happy.  Love is when someone makes you happy.  Happy Valentines Day!!
The Inside Story
Mishu’s response to “What is Love?”

Mishu’s response to Alex’s question was as simple as can possibly be: Love is making each other happy.

How did Mishu teach us this?  Mishu definitely makes her family members feel loved, and we can learn a lot about love from observing her behavior.

Some of the things she does to show love are: she greets her family members and friends at the door with enthusiasm and she waits to go to bed until everyone is at home and in bed. Another thing she does, which is amazing, is that whenever a family member is sick or depressed, Mishu comes and sits nearby them.

Now Mishu may be wise, but she’s still a dog.

Meaning that she does not necessarily have a lot of sophistication or intelligence, by human standards.

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What Mishu’s behaviors do require is paying attention. Mishu notices her family members, pays attention to their habits, their moods, and their needs, and what makes them happy – and she fulfills them in her own way.

Love the Way You Know How, and Make People Happy

That Mishu loves in her own way is key.

She doesn’t show her love like a person does or the way anyone else defines love.

But she manages to make her people feel loved and happy. And you know what? Giving that love, and making her people happy, makes Mishu happy in the simplest, most pure way. By observing Mishu’s behavior, we can conclude that:

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That kind of pure love will always make someone happy, even if they’re also struggling with other issues such as stress, anxiety or depression.

Because it is a love that really sees you as a human being – or where you really see someone else.

And though she doesn’t ask for anything in return, Mishu’s overwhelming love brings her the undying love, affection, and appreciation of her people, and ultimately – makes her happy.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. “Love the way you know how…” That’s a lesson we all should heed! Thanks a bunch!

    • That’s all we can do, right Amy? Be yourself, because that’s the only thing you can be 🙂

  2. You are so smart Mishu. I love your posts.

  3. Mishu is very smart. We can learn a lot from dogs about love and making each other happy.

  4. Aww, this is great! Our dog, Eddie, also waits until everyone is home and in bed to go to bed.

  5. Some very important lessons to learn about love. One day my husband wasn’t feeling well, he was getting a cold and felt lousy enough to stay in bed. Unheard of by the way. His dog Jack would not leave his side. I had to literally pick him up (Jack not the hubby!) to take him outside to pee and poop, and he would run straight back onto the bed to stay with my husband. That’s true doggy love.

  6. Giving love without expecting anything in return – dogs know very well how to do this

  7. What a great post this is. So many people do not really think about what love is. What a shame is that?

  8. What a lovely post! I think we all could take a lesson on the way that our animals love and love us. 🙂

  9. Very good answer Mishu! I agree wholeheartedly!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  10. Love is such a pure thing. I’m so glad to know that our pets are able to feel and share their love with us humans. It’s a special gift, for sure. Thanks for sharing this post, and your perspective.

  11. “That Mishu loves in her own way is key.” This is the line I always use about my three cats. Their all so different and they all show their affection of my husband and I in their unique ways. There’s nothing like the love of a pet!

  12. Ruth and Layla - February 23, 2017 reply

    Love is love and can be shown in so many ways, great post

  13. Love truly is giving with no expectation of receiving – selfless, and we love your response!! Right on!!

  14. Very good post. Sometimes I’ve wondered if love was a one-way street with the way some of my friends have treated me. I’m always giving and they are always taking! At least I know my cats love me.

    • I’m sorry to hear that… Maybe they are showing you love, but just in a way that you don’t feel? For example, some people feel loved when someone does something nice for them, some when they receive a gift, some when they receive time, some from compliments, etc… Maybe there’s just a mis-match between what you need and how they show their love?

  15. Mishu knows there are no “rules” when it comes to love. She does what comes naturally, that’s the only way to be! Good for you, Mishu!

  16. Such a sweet post! Each animal has their own way of showing love, and once humans learn to recognize those ways and understand them, the bond between animal and human only deepens! Thanks for sharing your wisdome, Mishu!
    P.S. You asked on our blog post if we will be at BlogPaws, and yes we will! Sophie and Kylo Ren the two adventure cats will be there too!

    • Yes, and also each human has a different way of showing love. That’s great that the cats will be at BlogPaws. Dear Mishu’s manager will be there, but probably not Mishu herself (she’s a shy & modest celebrity… )

  17. You seem to have all the answers Mishu! Dogs have an amazing capacity to show love, devotion, and compassion, especially when we need it the most.

  18. such a lovely post. I think that in french we have more words for varieties of love.

  19. What a sweet post. I know my cats make me happy and that’s what matters to me.

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