Mishu’s Adventure in Paris.       #DearMishu

Mishu’s Adventure in Paris. #DearMishu

Adventure is Everything – Mishu visits Paris

Hoping my black eyeliner is the right look for #ParisFashionWeek  I think this is a WWEBD moment – i.e. What would @ellabeanthedog do?  #DearMishu #Adventure

The Inside Story

Mishu may not be super fashionable, but she does love adventure. When she heard about Paris Fashion Week she decided that it was the perfect opportunity to visit Paris.

Ha, just kidding! But we did notice that cool eyeliner is the thing this year – See the Bold Eye Liner at Paris Fashion Week Pat McGrath – and since Mishu has her own, permanent, Cleopatra like eyeliner, we thought she’d fit right in!

Another reason Mishu’s a good fit for Paris Fashion Week is because this is where we see artistic, exotic couture fashion. The models are not cute or girl next door. They are beautifully exotic, even odd looking.

There are lots of cute dogs on instagram – fluffy or with smushed faces, wearing human looking clothes. That’s not Mishu. She’s a free-spirited adventure dog with her own, very unique look. Kind of like those models with a gap between their teeth – what is different or odd about Mishu (big airplane ears, long think deer-like legs) is what makes her beautiful.

The fashion industry gets a lot of criticism for impossible beauty standards. But if you really look, fashion also shows us that unique, even odd-looking people are beautiful.  

And then there’s beauty on the inside. Mishu’s sense of adventure, her self-confidence, and her free spirit make her a beautiful creature. Mishu embodies qualities that every person can aspire too.

Wouldn’t we all like to be like Mishu — confidently embody our selves, our bodies with all their oddness, without any self doubt? And stride forward to meet the challenges and adventure that the world offers us every single day?

Dear Mishu , you are our Super Hero

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  1. Dear Mishu, sounds like you’re an icon and quite an example in how our attitude towards life, and ourselves, should be.

  2. Mishu, you are an inspiration! Thank for spreading the message that unique and different IS BEAUTIFUL! We totally agree, and think that you are absolutely gorgeous. If Paris Fashion Week were a competition, you would win!

  3. Great article, and Layla wishes she could join Mishu and go to Paris for Fashion Week. Shabbat Shalom from us

  4. There is definitely beauty on the inside of every dog and cat. Enjoy Paris!

  5. My 2 girls are just like Mishu! Not fru-fru or dressy, but cool, unique, adventure girls. Love your eyeliner girl!

  6. Of course, the most beautiful human will never be half as awesome as a dog.

  7. Great post! Everyone has their own kind of beauty. EVERYONE and I love that Mishu knows her own beauty too. Although I would love her natural eyeliner since I am not that great at applying it. I once had a gap tooth smile. I had it corrected decades ago with cosmetic bonding, sometimes I regret doing that, but only a little.

  8. That eyeliner is always in fashion… or if not, set your own fashion!

  9. The Daily Pip - March 4, 2017 reply

    We agree with Mishu – we should also embody and celebrate ourselves no matter what! Weird and are interesting and amazing!

  10. Mishu you would definitely fit right in. You are an inspiration. We can all learn from dogs about what’s important.

  11. My dog has cleopatra eyeliner too! Her DNA test reveals she is a real Heinz 57 mutt, but her eyeliner comes from the Alaskan Eskimo dog in her. Have you tested Mishu’s DNA?

    • Interesting! I’d be surprised if Mishu had Alaskan Eskimo dog in her. She is from Guatemala — she was a street/village dog born to street/village dogs. We haven’t had her DNA tested. It would be interesting to see!

  12. We all need to look for the special and the extraordinary especially in our pets. A stylish dog is a show stopper whether it is the top model or the pup walking along on a lead on a Parisian street. Some of the ‘fashion week’ models don’t look half as gorgeous as you do!!!

  13. My dog Theo has natural eyeliner too. He’s handsome in every way, even though critics say he’s short and stout.

    • And then those same critics probably say “Mishu’s legs are so thin…” Right? Haters gonna hate…

  14. I like the way you think, Mishu! I agree that true beauty comes from within & that we should celebrate our uniqueness on the outside!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  15. You’re spreading an important message, Mishu. There is beauty in everyone, inside and out. We think you’re beautiful

  16. Mishu would make a great fashion model! I love her eyeliner. It would be so awesome to be able to get my eyeliner perfect every day like she does. 🙂 My kitties have great eyeliner too. Maybe there should be a pet (natural) make-up show! I also love Mishu’s confidence. She’s the whole package.

    • That’s very sweet of you. Yes, I can definitely see your cats as fashion models. Poise, swagger, confidence — what more do you need?!

  17. Such a fun post! I think Mishu is always in style…a timeless classic if you will! The “natural” eyeliner is the icing on the cake!

    • Timeless classic – love it! If you look at “village dogs” around the world, they’re often a variation of Mishu’s look, no matter what country. Here’s to “survivors” genetics!

  18. Truffle and Brulee would definitely blend in for fashion week because they have natural black eyeliner on their eyes, nose and lips.

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